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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Messed Up

I'm having a bit of an off morning. I just wrote a really lovely blog post and then screwed up something related and now I can't post it for reasons I can't share.

Also, a member of my extended family (REALLY extended, I think of him more as a friend's father, and that friend is actually something like my 43rd cousin) passed away overnight. I found out via Facebook.

And, I discovered this really awful show on ABC Family (I think) that hits kinda close to home. Do you think I watched it anyways? Of course. Did I sit here and blubber like a baby over my own life? Well, duh.

I'm determined to turn this day around because there's still a whole lot of day left and I'm not keen on wallowing anymore.. I'd like to do this through either music or stupid jokes. Feel free to leave your happy songs and silly jokes below in the comments or tweet them @showmyface.


Karen S. said...

How about a good, seriously... laugh out loud moment?! I'm not kidding, it's what I posted and the(photo is from my son's recent wedding) used for my idea of a laugh out loud post! Check it out and may the angel of happiness be near you all day long...urging you on...into laughing out loud! this link

Toriz said...

I can offer some hugs and a hope that things got better for you... Hope that helps!