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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WANTED: Bootcamp Buddy

Out-of-shape female seeks remote workout accountability buddy. Must be willing to purchase membership to BCOR Bootcamp (regularly $209 but Groupon has a deal for $35), sync schedules to attend once per week for six weeks, and exchange pep talks.

I'm serious about this. I found the Groupon offer while doing a general search on fitness deals. I've got to do something to jumpstart myself and an accountability partner for bootcamp would be great. If interested, please leave a comment below and I'll email you the link. Locations are listed here and seem to cover most major cities.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Also, if anyone has any feedback about BCOR, I'd love to hear it. Their Facebook page is flooded with people buying the Groupon and having trouble finding the exact location. The location I'm planning on going to has no street address and that's a bit puzzling.

This post is not sponsored. I'm paying for my own membership. You're paying for yours. Groupon and BCOR have no idea who I am. Neither do I. Neither do you.


Mim said...

I'd like to look into it!

C. Beth said...

I hope you do find someone! I did once a week bootcamp for a little while and it was great. Now I do my strength training at home but I don't push myself as hard as the teacher did. :)

Whitney said...

You crack me up.
If I lived near you, I'd be your buddy. Afterward, we'd eat fro-yos to congratulate ourselves for surviving. HAHA.

Toriz said...

No thanks, but good luck! :)

tilden talks... said...


Toni said...

Have fun with this. There's not a bootcamp place like this near me or I would totally . . . not even consider putting myself through such torture. :)I'm not even close to being so disciplined.