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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sure Sign of Adulthood Part 2

Yesterday I shared how we saved 10% on our car insurance almost $1000 on replacing three toilets in our home. Today, part two where I share what fun and exciting thing we'll be using that money for since a couple of people have asked.

Prepare to be jealous.

First, know that we never would've spent that much on replacing toilets. We would've done the job ourselves and hoped for the best. It would've taken longer but the installer didn't have any problems so we probably could've handled it. We've actually had to unseat and reinstall a toilet once before when I Tonya knocked something into the toilet and we couldn't get it out without dismantling things. In fact, we had gone to scope out buying them at our nearby big box man store and saw that their installation was super-reasonable so we went for it.

That's not the jealous part. I wanted to let the suspense build.

We're using the money we "saved" to clear the piece of property behind our house. After almost ten years of trying, we were finally able to purchase this little tenth of an acre that will square off our property and extend the backyard. The price of the land was low but since it hasn't been touched in literally decades (if ever), it needs some serious help.

The whole "buying and clearing land" thing makes me feel very Laura Ingalls and since our oxes (oxen?) are broken (much love to the first person to comment and name THAT reference), we'll be using the money we "saved" to hire a crew for half a day to take out dead trees, clear shrubby stuff, and level the little plot of land.

I know, definitely living the glamorous life! But, truthfully, it was such a hassle to purchase that silly chunk of land that I'm just in awe that it's ours and we have the right to clear it. So although we aren't doing anything exotic or extravagant with the money we never would've spent on toilets, I'm still happy with recent spends.

Yep, very adult of me. Guess you can't call me Half-Pint anymore!


C. Beth said...

Wow...clearing land. That's pretty amazingly exciting! ;) (I am actually so glad that you were able to get that little piece of land. I bet it just feels good to look out there and know it's yours.)

Melinda (Sew-Lin) said...

Although I am a bit disappointed you won't be blowing the money on a trip to come visit me, I think you picked a very wise place to spend the money. Clearing your new little plot of land will be so nice. You will be able to look out over your yard and declare yourselves lord and lady of the land...and get off my lawn!

Jazzbumpa said...

I can shed no light on the oxen (yes, oxen) reference. But I think I'll just call you half-pint anyway.

Congrats on your new adventure!

Now you have more dirt to play in.


Toriz said...

And when you've cleared the piece of land, what will you do with it? Make it in to more garden? Start a veggie patch? Build a swimming pool?

I know, I'm nosy... But enquiring minds and all that.... ;)

Accidentally Me said...

Does it count if I googled the Ox reference? That strikes me as cheating...