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Thursday, October 06, 2011

First Fursday: Quality Time

Long time no blog, humans! This here is Tonya and I'm going to tell you about this craptastic idea my long-haired human had yesterday called "quality time". Yeah, low quality.

I woke up thinking it would be no different from any other day. Long-haired human was yammering on about us spending some "quality time" together that afternoon, which to me signals a lovely nap. Don't tell the humans, but I kinda like sharing my bed with them for a mid-day snooze.

Around noon, long-haired human said we were going to get our nails done! Hmm, this sounded vaguely suspicious even if she did try to make it sound like an exciting thing. Still, she rattled the treat bag so I ran to her, ready for yummies. Instead, she scooped me up and cut off my nails. What?!? I've been working on growing those out for two weeks! It's going to take a lot of carpet-clawing to make them nice and sharp again.

Then she rattled the treat bag again so I went running to her again. Hey, I'm not above accepting a tuna-flavored apology! This time, she herded me into my cage and closed the door behind me. Uh oh. This can't be good...

I was loaded into the car, long-haired human singing about a road trip to see some friends. Unless you're new here, you know that I don't have friends. I don't need friends. Nobody else is as awesome as me. Before long, we were pulling up at the kitty-doctor's office. HALP!!!

I put up a good fight, clinging to my cage even when they tipped it on its side. Then they completely invaded my privacy by taking off the top! I hissed and rawred, showing my fangs. The vet techs hauled me to the back and stabbed me, taking some blood for some kind of "tests". Then I was back in my cage, and after a brief stop at the front desk where long-haired human swiped that plastic money thing-y and made an appointment for next week (must be for Rusty, right?), we were back in the car and back home.

Where I promptly ran upstairs and hid under the bed for the rest of the day.

Quality time sucks. Especially since Rusty was allowed to sleep through all of it.

P.S. When Joe took the kitties for their annual appointment in August, they said Tonya's teeth need another cleaning. We've been trying to juggle it a bit due to finances (yay me still not working because Joe's still job hunting) but decided it was time. Especially since Tonya seems to be having trouble eating her crunchies (hard food). We've been giving her mushies (canned food) the past few days and the vet said to keep doing that until a couple of days after her procedure. She's lost three pounds in less than two months, which is almost 25% of her body weight. My poor girl... We'll get her blood work results today, which will show if there's something else going on or if she was just having trouble eating the crunchies because of her teeth, and her cleaning is scheduled for Tuesday. She wasn't a happy girl yesterday and she won't be happy on Tuesday either but we're trying to take care of her. Other than trouble chewing, she's feisty as ever. Go Team Tonya!

P.P.S. I just got the call from the vet and all of her blood work came back normal. I'm so relieved for my girl!


That corgi :) said...

Glad to hear that Tonya's blood work came back okay! What a relief! Poor her though, that does seem like a bit of a weight loss over those months. Maybe you'll have to rattle the treat bag a bit more and plump her up again! I love how they fall for the treat bag every time though and come to us when we need to "capture" them for something.

Hope you have a good day!


JosephAlsarraf said...

How old is your cat and how can you tell if it's teeth are hurting it? Is there a certain age where you need to stop feeding them dry food? : )

Ruthi aka abitosunshine said...

Great news! When I read, "got the call from the vet and all of her blood work came back normal" -- I couldn't help thinking, so typing... Now, this is a post you can sink your teeth into, Tonya!

Amy L. said...

I am so wary of teeth cleanings after hearing terrible stories about jaw breaks, etc. I hope everything goes okay with Tonya. Maybe it's the food?

C. Beth said...

I'm so glad Tonya is okay! Hopefully she won't have to get her teeth cleaned again any time soon.

South of the Fork said...

Way to go, Tonya! Give 'em what for! And then go after that treat bag again... I'm glad your bloodwork was good. Feel better and gain weight quickly!

Toriz said...

Poor Tanya, but it's for the best, and at least her test results came back good!