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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday again and no post all week. Awesome. So consider this my take on whatever random or fragments meme you're familiar with because I plan on just dumping out a bunch of random thoughts and updates.

1. Tonya's Dental Appointment - She did well on Tuesday, though she had to have a couple of teeth removed. This means two items of immediate concern. First, she now needs two meds twice a day. The one is pain medication and lasts only four days. The second is antibiotics that last seven days. One is liquid in a dropper, the other is gel in an oral syringe. It's going... okay. I mean, not only is she a cat, but she's also Tonya, so it's not going to be hassle-free. The second concern was the bill, which ended up being completely atrocious. It was high enough before the extractions and related meds. Which leads me to thought #2...

2. Jobs = Cash - For a million reasons, like everyone else on the planet, more cash would be good. We're doing okay since I left my job late last year and haven't touched our savings, but some of these expenses (Tonya's teeth, a trip we should take home, Christmas etc) are stressing me out. I'm desperately applying for all kinds of freelancing jobs, hoping to avoid the anxiety that seasonal retail is sure to cause.

3. My Parents - They were here roughly 48 hours. Dad wasn't feeling well but my mother was completely on her game. By which I mean she kept me a complete mess the entire time. I feel a post brewing about delighting in ignorance and being close-minded.

4. I'm Angry and Depressed and Anxious - Maybe I should've started with this one. The perfect storm of events have occurred this week to have me on edge. It's been a long time since I've felt such prolonged anxiety. I'm finding myself frustrated and angry, except when I'm feeling too depressed to give a damn about much of anything. There have been a few bright spots (I had a good time last night at a writing class) but mostly I'm feeling low and pointless. This isn't exactly what I had in mind when I said "October 1st: serious awesomeness starts today."

In a related story, it is now October 13th and those goals that I started working towards almost two weeks ago are barely moving, if I've gotten them off the ground at all. I'm hoping to break this funk and start making some serious progress.

I'll be okay. I tried to end this on a more positive note but I can't seem to get there. The most positive thing I can say is that I know from previous experience that this down feeling doesn't last forever. In the meantime, I'll keep making a conscious effort to see the good around me until it comes a bit more naturally again.

If you've made it this far and feel inclined to leave a comment, how about leaving me a funny joke, silly story, or a link to something that will make me laugh and/or feel good about the world? I could use some of that.


Tami said...

Sounds like #1-3 contributed alot to #4. I've been in that position many times and I know how hard it is. Keep reminding yourself that the feeling is temporary.

In the mean time, trying watching this youtube video. I can't help but smile every time I see it.

C. Beth said...

Yeesh. I hate when it feels like emotions are controlling me (particularly the negative ones.) Hope you are out of that slump very soon.

I don't know if you saw either of these videos I posted on FB, but I got a kick out of them:

Stickman marching band

Princess Bride Cast Reunion

That corgi :) said...

I like your ending it with us trying to send you something funny, joke, etc. I often think we need more of that here with what we are dealing with; sometimes laughter needs to overtake everything else happening around you.

Okay, Koda story but he's who we get our laughs from these days. Neighbors across the street put up a Halloween display, pumpkins and the like. They have this inflatable black cat, probably five feet big. First time we drive by it, Koda just starts barking at it, wants to go out the window to get to it. Second time he kind of just growls a bit at it, third time he ignores it. Which I guess is good; he can realize the difference between real life and inanimate.

Anyway, that's all I got today. I do hope you "snap out of it soon". I know how hard it can be dealing with lots on one's plate.


Toriz said...

Glad Tanya is doing OK, though I don't envy you with attempting to give meds; we had a cat with a similar temprement to Tanya when I was a kid... Tore through a padded jacket when my Dad held him while wearing it for my Mam to attempt to give him worming pills. We discovered after that happened that he prefered the younger of us children (so, me and the younger of my brothers) so we had to hold him for meds to be given; we got a bit scratched, but he seemed to take it better if one of us held him. Anyway, good luck with medicating Tanya!

Also, good luck with the freelance job search; hope you get something suitable and relatively stress free (as much as is possible with jobs in general).

I know people like your Mother... *Sigh* Well done on surviving the 48 hours! *Hugs*

Hang in there; things will get better, then you'll look back on this time and laugh. Or, at least be able to be glad you had the strength to get through it! *Hugs*

Let's see... Something to make you laugh... Hmmm... Oh, I know...

I lost an argument with a teddy the other day... Seriously! I wanted the teddy to go on the shelf, it wouldn't. I kept asking it, it kept saying, "no," and jumping back down. In the end I gave up.

Hubby and I were walking earlier and I went crooked a bit and walked in to a bush. Feeling it would be polite to do so I said, "sorry bush." Hubby asked why I was talking to the bush, and why I felt the need to tell it I was sorry. My reply was, "it seemed polite to do so."

Let's see, a joke...

A man was setting up his computer, and his wife was nearby. It came to the part where he needed to enter a password, so he thought about it for a while. Eventually he picked one and entered it... It was "penis" The wife almost split her sides laughing when a message came up on the screen that said, "invalid password; not long enough."

Hope those at least made you smile! :)

Fi said...

Not sure if this link is appropriate or if the link will work but it made me smile.

Chin up, you've got a lot of people that hope you're feeling better real soon!/photo.php?fbid=303838496297710&set=a.276883608993199.86319.276288065719420&type=1&theater

JosephAlsarraf said...

Sorry to hear that your October hasn't been as well as you wanted it to be. I hope this video will help. )

vivinfrance said...

You have my sympathy: my OH suffers from the SADS every autumn as soon as the nights exceed the days. I hope you find some work soon, and that Tonya is amenable to being wrapped in a towel, squeezed under an arm and dosed with her meds.

Melinda (Sew-Lin) said...

I'm sorry that I am just getting to catching up on my blog reading. I hope that you are feeling better but I am sending you hugs anyway.

Sassy Britches said...

I hope things are picking up, my friend, and that you're continuing along your route of positive thinking. On a funny note, I'm away on business this week, and get this: the hotel I'm in has "fantasy suites" as it's claim to fame. Do you think my agency will pay for the "Space Odyssey" room, the "Arabian Nights" room, the "Pearl Under the Sea" room, or perhaps the "Roman Retreat" room? Because I really want to sleep in a space capsule-shaped bed.