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Monday, November 14, 2011


And if that means today I'm grateful that I chose to take yesterday off from PoMo'ing to enjoy other things, then so be it!

So, yesterday's post would've read something like "I'm grateful I'm having too much fun away from the computer to bother blogging about it."

Today, I'm grateful that I was able to fit so much fun into yesterday. i'm grateful to be facing big decisions because though scary, they also indicate possible progress. I'm grateful to have such a full life that I sometimes stress about being able to juggle such vastly different activities. And I'm grateful for coffee because I have a LOT to do today.


C. Beth said...

That's a lot of really good stuff to be grateful for. I'm so glad your weekend was great!

Melinda (Sew-Lin) said...

That is a good reason to be away from the computer!

Karen S. said...

Oh I like where this post is headed to...go, go go Cate!!!!! like how does that saying go, Life is too short, so stay awake for it!...they're selling coffee so yeah but it works for me!

John said...

There really is no feeling better than the "accomplished" feeling you go to bed with, sometimes.

Toriz said...

Now that's a post full of gratitude if ever I saw one! :)

Being too busy to blog is a good thing as long as you're busy having fun like you were. :)