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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Is It Supposed To Look Like This?

I've spent a lot of time this week working on my resume. Finally, I was ready for my husband to take a look.
me: I'm only concerned about the content right now. I know the formatting needs work.
Joe: Okay, sounds good. Formatting isn't my thing anyways.
me: Thanks!
a few minutes pass
Joe: Is it supposed to look like this?
me: Seriously?!?! I said disregard the formatting! I'll fix it later!
Joe: Okay.
We have some discussion about various job duties and wording.
me: (pointing to Joe's screen) What's with my name?
Joe: You mean how it's not actually your name?
me: Must be you don't have that font installed so it's just symbols.
Joe: That's what I pointed out an hour ago when I asked if it was supposed to look like that.
me: Oooooooh.
Joe: I was wondering how you managed to spell your name wrong.
One school of thought would say that I shouldn't have been so quick to assume he was picking on the design of my resume. The other school of thought would say that Joe should've said "your name is appearing incorrectly" instead of being so obtuse.

Guess which school of thought I attend? Yeah, the second one. (Duh.)


Toni said...

I would have automatically assumed that the formatting was being addressed. (But J never listens when I talk so that's probably why.)

Fi said...

Most of us attend the school of thought that you do - as a wife and a mother of 3 boys I think its fair to say that males have their own school altogether

TMC said...

tsk, tsk, becoming defensive! : )

John said...

I'm with you . . . "should it look like this" and "yo, doofus, you spelled your name wrong" (which is what I'd say to my wife . . . but, probably, to you, too, if you gave me something to read & your name was spelled wrong on it) are two very different things.

Just a quick word of warning, though, while content is king, even with resumes, the first step is, almost always, HR, and they don't care about content at all . . . so make sure it does look nice before you send it out.

And make sure your name is spelled right.

Toriz said...

I attend the second school too; he should have said, "is your name supposed to look like that?" or when you repeated about disregarding the formatting he should have said something like, "I was talking about your name, not the formatting."

Susi said...

I wonder if your hubby and my hubby attended the same school of thought??? :)... Just goes to show you...Men are from Mars, women are from Venus!!!

Brenda Youngerman said...

I think it would've been safe to assume he would look at it and look at the formatting even when you forewarned him not to - and when he came back with that response it would have been human nature to assume as you did!
Besides - he's a man!