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Friday, April 27, 2012

Wait, WHAT?!?!

Last weekend, we received an email from Fred, one of Joe's out-of-town grad school classmates. Another local, Jane, was copied. (No, those aren't their real names. Give me a break.)

"Hi Joe and Jane! I waited until last-minute to book a hotel for the reunion next weekend and I'm having trouble finding one. Any chance either of you could do me a huge favor and let me crash with you for the two nights? I'd be indebted forever!"

Joe checked with me (because he values his life) and I said it was fine so he replied with a yes. At the same time, the other potential host replied with a yes. Fred's response?

"Guess you'll have to arm wrestle and get back to me with the winner!"

Haha, right? So silly, that Fred! Several days went by and Joe emailed Fred again to see if he'd decided where to stay. The response?

"I feel like I'm in an awkward position with the two of you making me choose. Maybe you can sort it out and get back to me."

How in the world did this go from doing him a favor by hosting in our homes to us fighting for the honor of his presence? No, *I* want to clean my house so it's guest-ready! Pick me, pick me!!! I just don't think that's how things are supposed to work. Or am I wrong?

In the end, (based on a bunch of things I didn't bother asking about) he chose to stay with Jane and her husband. Probably just as well since Tonya-cat has started bitch-slapping anyone that dares go upstairs at our place.

In a related story, little old me, along with my creative spirit and fledgling freelance career, will be spending time at Joe's reunion this weekend. It will be a crowd of business school alumni with their fancy degrees and high-powered jobs. I'm totally feeling like I'll fit right in! (notsomuch) Actually, I've gained some confidence recently so I'm looking at it as a challenge rather than an opportunity to freak out.

Plus, I need to congratulate Jane on her "win."


Sew_Lin said...

Really? Wow, that guy really has some nerve!

I hope that the reunion isn't too bad for you, and that you find a way to have a little fun. I always skip those things, so at least you are braver than me.

The Brown Recluse said...

Fred would drive me bonkers. I wouldn't have wanted him staying at my house, and Tonya would be right to smack him, methinks. I hope the reunion won't be too touch. I end up having to go to Ole Boy's Office Christmas parties every year...and well...I'd rather not.

TMC said...

My first suggestion to Fred might've been that he plan better and try harder to find a hotel.

C. Beth said...

I don't think that "losing" that competition would bother me too much. Even if Fred's a great guy, having a house guest always adds extra stress.

I'm looking forward to hearing how this challenge goes for you. :)

Toriz said...


I'm with you; that's not how it works. Fred should have decided for himself from a start. If he'd said something like, "I feel like I'm in an awkward position here; I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. But I've decided to stay with Jane. Please don't be offended that I picked her over you." Well, then fair enough. But to make the hosts decide? *Shakes head*

Good luck at the reuinion. And remember; they may have fancy bits of paper, but you have plenty of achievements of your own. And, hey, I bet at least most of the rest of them couldn't even write a book, let alone be in the process of organizing the publication of one! Not to mention the fact that plenty of people couldn't deal with the emotional issues you've had to deal with. Hold your head up high, and remember... You rock!"

Toriz said...

Sorry about the typos; in my defence, it's about quarter past three in the morning here right now!

amanda said...

That's just weird...fight over him?! I don't think I'd look at losing the competition so much as the fact that you probably won the situation.

rlavalette said...

I think I'd have set up a cot on the front porch & said something like, "Yeah, Jane's accommodations were waaaaay nicer, but we WON!!! Have a nice night!"