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Monday, May 07, 2012

Let Me Count The Ways...

...that this past weekend's trip went very wrong. Some bigger than others.

  1. I was sick the night before (Thursday) due to anxiety
  2. Friday 4am wake-up call finds Joe bleeding from his belly button
  3. I bonk my head getting in the car on the way to the airport
  4. We arrive at destination around 11am instead of noon (my mistake) so Joe has scheduled lunch w his father for a time when I've committed to work
  5. I can't get my personal wifi to grab a signal from the car outside the lunch restaurant so I have to go searching for wifi
  6. I make it to lunch an hour late - they're done eating so I start shoving food in my face, at which point Joe says he needs to go to Urgent Care for the belly button
  7. Urgent Care puts stitches in Joe to stop the bleeding
  8. I end up very sick with a puking migraine all night (that's two nights in a row of no sleep)
  9. Can't get out of bed in the morning due to migraine, miss planned outing w family
  10. Visit w family spoiled by my lack of ability to sit upright (can't play w kids)
  11. Unable to enjoy the pizza we always order when we go home
  12. Broke the zipper on my favorite travel bag
  13. Joe busts his new stitches while playing with nephew, bleeding more than before
  14. Speak with on-call doctor from appendix surgeon's office back home in undisclosed location, he advises we change our flights and come home Sunday rather than Tuesday because putting in those extra stitches was the wrong thing for the Urgent Care to do
  15. Joe doesn't sleep the entire night because he's afraid of bleeding on our hosts' sheets (that's THREE nights in a row of no sleep)
  16. Cost to change flight - $250 per ticket, long layover
  17. Quick farewell tour that pisses off everyone so we can head back to the airport
  18. Layover extended due to mechanical problems on second flight
  19. No ground crew when we arrive at final destination means even longer delay
  20. Joe's house keys have somehow fallen into a hole in his jacket and we can't get them out to unlock the house
  21. I get spazzed by spiders trying to dig the emergency spare key out of the hidey spot
Also? I was supposed to be working the new gig all weekend and that went to hell. I'm so glad they are understanding. 

So, yeah. Not our best trip ever. There WERE good bits though and I'll maybe share those later. Or keep them for myself.

Joe will be fine but we have an appointment with the surgeon in a couple of hours. We both feel like hell physically and it sucks that we spent a boatload of money on a trip that we weren't able to enjoy and had to cut short. 

But we'll survive because it's what we do. The money sucks but it won't break us. And I'm happy for the time we DID get to spend with the kids/family, even if it was short and limited because we weren't feeling well. Also, when you feel like that, you just wanna be back to your own home - we slept well last night and I already feel less stress because we're back in our own world. As I told Joe last night, now we can work on fixing it all. 


Sew_Lin said...

I feel so bad that your much anticipated trip fell apart so fast. I will be thinking about Joe and hoping that they can resolve what is going on quickly for him. Sending you a big hug!

lotta joy said...

I hate scheduling trips. I'd much rather be spontaneous. If I'm feeling well, I'd rather do it now than take my chances with stress and anxiety pulling up migraines and backaches. I can stare at the date and know, within 12 hours, that I'll be MIA.

C. Beth said...

I am glad that you're home. Now I'm headed off to Twitter to find an update on how the appointment went. I hope you can REST this week.

TMC said...

What a mess. I'm glad you're home now.

Toriz said...

If it's not one thing, it's 20 others! :(

Hope you can "fix it" OK, and everything's back to how it should be soon. *Hugs*

vivinfrance said...

So sorry about your horrible trip. Re the bleeding: is Joe on anticoagulents? I have to be so careful and the treatment for excessive bleeding is Vitamin K in the hospital, not making more holes in skin!
I do hope you're both feeling better now that you're home again.

Megan@MondayMorningMusings said...

Oh man, my belly button started hurting just from reading that. Majorly bummed out for you, and I don't even know you :)

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Blimey! I'm gad there were SOME good bits.

Ron. said...

Oy. Thanks for the reminder about why I always beg My Beloved Sandra to leave me behind while she goes out to engage the universe.

Mim said...

Oh my...what a disaster (in a way) glad you are home safe and sound

VBR said...

isn't it curious how a series of events tend to feed off each other and just keep going and growing? I think you have a great attitude about things!