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Friday, June 08, 2012

How To Tell Cate Is Out Of Sorts

Today, a top ten list (because I promised you and more importantly I promised myself that I would blog this week so here goes).

Top Ten Reasons To Tell That Cate Is Out Of Sorts

  1. One tweet is uber-happy, the next involves punching people or things in the face.
  2. She doesn't return emails.
  3. She doesn't comment on your blog.
  4. She doesn't make the rounds for 6ws.
  5. She doesn't post on her own blog.
  6. She has a lot of headaches.
  7. She takes a lot of naps.
  8. She resurrects the Walrussian. Because she can. 
  9. She doesn't care if this list makes it to 10.
I'm working on it. Resolution is coming. I think. I hope. But mostly, I'm ok. Even if I'm not dealing well with life right now, I'm dealing with it. I'm getting out of bed each morning and finding joy here and there, even if my actions and words are all over the place. Yeah, "stable" isn't a word I would apply to myself at the moment. 

Thanks for standing by me. And special thanks to awesome friends who encourage me, listen to me, distract me, and call me out on my negative actions (or, rather lack of action).

P.S. Confused? Try here. And here.


Astrid said...

I want to hug you, Cate! Or stab people for your amusement.

Toriz said...

If stable isn't an appropriate option, how about barn?

Seriously though, I'm sorry things are so tough for you right now. I hope you get that resolution soon! *Hugs*

C. Beth said...

Sending you big hugs, Cate!!

Amanda said...

I think my favourite is number 9. Hope things get back to sorts soon for you. In the meantime I'll continue to link up, visit or no visit. :)

TMC said...

Perhaps you could write a post explaining the cute walrussian? I've forgotten what he means.

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Hang in there, Cate! We don't mind if you're not perfect - just so long as you take good care of yourself. :)

Alyson said...

hang in there! one step at a time ... and I LOVE that your list only got to number 9!

restlessjo said...

Sorry hon. Group hug needed. But you're coping, in your own way.

John said...

I hope "out of sorts" turns into "all sorted out" easily & quickly. I've certainly been where you are. It's absolutely no fun.

JosephAlsarraf said...

I think just the number 8 on your list, is enough to tell people your not all there. : )

Jazzbumpa said...

Hope you're back in sorts soon.


Claudia said...

Hope you're doing better today.
Thanks for your 6WS site. I like it! :)