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Thursday, July 26, 2012

A test for you

Don't worry, this test is multiple choice. You may begin at any time.

You are a Toyota Prius. You beep and display the "low fuel" light. Fifteen miles later, having not passed a single gas station, you start to feel desperate. Do you:
a) beep again, more urgently,
b) display a warning message that "Failure to add gas immediately may result in battery damage and a visit to the dealer,"
c) keep operating normally until you actually run out of gas and stall,
d) light up warnings on the dashboard for: VSC (vehicle stability control), brakes, engine, service, and wheels while emitting a high-pitched alarm and flashing "PROBLEM, PROBLEM, PROBLEM!" causing your driver to pull to the side of the road immediately, proceed down the shoulder at 15 mph to the nearest travel station, fill the tank, drive 50mph the remaining 80 miles home with no a/c (because it could be battery-related), and schedule an appointment at the dealer the next day only to be officially diagnosed with having low fuel?
Yeah, I bet you all got it right.

P.S. Stupid car.
P.P.S. The important part is that we got home safely.
P.P.P.S. It's a relief that the car did not need an expensive repair.
P.P.P.P.S. Joe has the best Toyota dealer in the world - they didn't charge us for the visit.
P.P.P.P.P.S. Stupid car.


Sew_Lin said...

My car just dings when you start it and displays the low fuel light until I run out of gas. So far I haven't run out completely, but I have seen the "distance to empty" display 0 miles.

I'm glad everything was ok, and free!

C. Beth said...

Okay, that really is a great dealer!! But I'm sorry you had to go through the stress!

I think you need to name your car "DQ" for "Drama Queen." (Of course, if that was my car's name, I'd just want to go to Dairy Queen every time I thought about my car. Hmm.)

Rachel Cotterill said...

The last panic moment with our rather lower-tech car was when it started belching smoke... glad you're okay and that you have a friendly dealer!

Beth Ann Chiles said...

Great post!!! Dramatic story but it had a good ending!!! Whew! I hate that low fuel husband insists that even when the needle is on E there is still at least a gallon left. I don't believe him. Nor do I test it!!! And I bet your Prius will almost always have gas in it now!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

"diagnosed wth low fuel". Ha! Car now has earned a Drama Queen award.

John said...

You know, I hated the "check engine" light that came on if I failed to close the gas tank properly.

This, damn - would drive me batty.

Amy said...

But I bet you won't do it again.. :)