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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Don't try this at home

Recent chat with my husband, me at home, him at an airport on the way to somewhere...
me: Be right back, going to shower quick before it storms.
Joe: It's already storming, you should wait.
me: Only a little. It's going to get worse so I'll go now and be fast.
Joe: You should wait until it stops.
me: That's going to be a long time!!!
Joe: Yes, but I don't want you to get electrocuted.
me: Pfft. How many people have you heard of that actually happening to?
Joe: None.
me: See?
Joe: Because nobody is dumb enough to shower during a storm.

I'm sure he thinks he won this one. Except what he doesn't know (unless he reads my blog, which he never does) is that I went and showered anyways.

And totally didn't die.

I win.


C. Beth said...

You win the argument and he wins because his wife is still alive! Woo hoo! :-)

Toriz said...

I'd have gone and showered anyway too. I mean, I went swimming in an outdoor pool in a storm and survived, so why not a shower inside?

Yeah, I know the pool thing was stupid. In my defence, I was not quite 8, and my Dad took me and my brother (a year older than me) to prove a point to my Mam. But, anyway... I survived, so it doesn't matter.

Annelie said...

So glad you won that one!

And hey, if you would have lost, the husband would have had no chance to say "I told you so", which is also kind of a win, isn't it?

Tami @ said...


Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Er ... it's talking on the phone during an electrical storm that is potentially dangerous!

Magical Mystical MiMi said...

I heard about that electrocution in the shower thing. Thought it was an urban legend. I've showered during storms my whole life and I'm still here, however, that whole talking on the phone during a storm that Rosemary mentioned. Thats def. true. Glad you survived the storm shower! :)

Melissa said...

My mom and I have had the same discussion and I totally said the same thing as you. How many people do you know? Yeah thats what I thought. Since you posted a blog about it I decided to look it up. Here is the link
Believe it or not, it does happen!! But not often.

John said...

I'd totally have showered . . . what happened if it had stormed badly enough to lose power? Assuming you're not on well water, what if the storm had raged beyond that and the hot water heater no longer held hot water?

The dangers of me going about, knowing that I need a shower are much greater than the dangers of the possibility of electrocution during a storm (which, I believe, is, actually, quite minimal)

Accidentally Me said... aren't supposed to shower during a storm? Really? How come I have never heard this?

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