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Monday, July 02, 2012


Today, like most days, I feel the urge to blog. Today, like most days, no real idea what to blog about. Or what purpose to serve. So I'm going to ramble a bit.

Joe started his new job this morning. He had all of last week off which was great because he needed the break. However, since it was so last-minute, we weren't able to plan anything exciting. Also, I had planned on him being away all week originally so I went from "no husband!!!" to "all husband all the time!!!".

I love my husband. But I think (for various reasons) we were both happy for him to be out of town today and tomorrow starting the new job.

While he's gone, I'm trying to do ALL THE THINGS!!! (It also appears I am trying to use ALL THE EXCLAMATION POINTS!!! and ALL THE SHOUTY CAPITAL LETTERS!!!) Nothing too exciting - it's too hot here to do anything too exciting. But I'm finishing some projects and starting some projects and generally taking care of business. Which feels amazing.

I thought I might post about my sick cat (Tonya) or not having insurance for the first time in almost 14 years or how this is a whole new beginning for both of us so I'm excited to also take advantage of it or how I need to lose 97 pounds so is it just better to say 100 or how I had a total panic attack Saturday that was originally about lack of insurance but progressed until I was freaking out about being fat and dying alone and wanting my missing sweater. Any of that sound interesting?

Probably not-so-much. Which is why I've been blogging a lot lately. Welcome to being me.


C. Beth said...

It all sounds interesting to me! Big hugs to you, just for being you.

Oh, and I now have Takin' Care of Business running through my head, and I really don't mind.

Toriz said...

Good luck with getting projects finished and started.

What's wrong with Tanya?

I'm a nosy person, so knowing what's going on in people's lives - even if it doesn't seem exciting to most people - is interesting to me.

That corgi :) said...

Hubby didn't have insurance for a year and a half after he quit his job last year and I finally put him on my policy this past open enrollment (only because the premiums were more reasonable than last year's). He just turned 59. We were playing dangerously with it since he is at the age where so much could happen, but so thankful now he is covered. Maybe down the line you can look at getting coverage for yourself?

I'm with you; sometimes spouses need alone time......I'm still struggling with that a year and a half after we moved.......that is the one thing I so desperately miss

good luck to Joe and his new job!!!!


Janice's footsteps said...

UM YA girlie it is interesting!!!! There you go I gave you some of those exclamation points back lol!!! We had to switch insurance and this one sucks I am not use to having any share of costs etc... and while we could no longer afford the good policy it came right as I am battling several surgeries & possibly cancer BUT I do know that all things work for those who believe in God and to have faith.
I can't get myself to say 100 lbs. so I am sticking to the lower # ssshhh this weight thing is my lil ????

Mim said...

why does 97 sound like more than 100? i have no idea. Good luck with the new job for Joe and having time/space of your own. Hope you get the insurance thing cleared up!!!