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Monday, July 09, 2012

A Question of Duty

Since I've been so awesome at completing my to-do lists lately (hence my 6WS post), I didn't want to let today's streak end my amazing run. Besides, it wasn't that I was lazy. I just spent most of the day working on a project that I had intended to spread out over several days.

All of which leaves me at 8pm wondering if it's ok not to finish my list for today because I worked on a MAJOR project from days ahead.

Don't worry - I don't need you to weigh in. I'm determined to finish everything on my list. And one of those things included "post on SMF." It didn't say "post something brilliant on SMF."

Checking that one off my list...


C. Beth said...

You are so on top of things these days!

Toriz said...

I think if you complete your to do list most days, then you're OK to have the odd day when you don't. Prioritize it, then if you don't do the last couple of things some days and they weren't important, you can cut yourself some slack.

Wedding Photographers Perth said...

Looks like you have an hectic day. Hope you are fine. Take care o yourself.