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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

An update on writing

I announced a couple of weeks ago that I would be blogging less frequently so I could focus on writing. Since then, I've had a few people ask how that's going.

So, here's how it's going.

I have, indeed, started writing again. And it felt glorious. Then I got very busy with paying clients. The good news is that I really missed writing while I was working on other things.

This week, Joe is away for work and I had big plans to write a LOT. So far, I've done just that. I have over 8k words so far since he left Sunday night. And when he gets back, I intend to keep writing regularly.

I need to remember how important that outlet is for me. I need to remember that this is a major goal that I've wanted to reach for a very long time and it's within site if I can just keep going.

What I'm working on right now is a novel. But I'm already forming plans for the book that will follow its completion. I think having a second project I'm looking forward to writing will encourage me to keep going on the current project, which I'm also enjoying very much.

I tweeted a few days ago that when I write a little, it makes me want to write a lot. It's an amazing feeling to have that desire. For me, it's a bit like the "runner's high" Joe describes after completing a hard run. Just, with less sweating.


C. Beth said...

The "writer's high"--I like that.

Annelie said...

I know exactly the feeling of that "writer's high" and I LOVE it! Such a great feeling! I'm so happy for you. I can't wait to read that book, as well as the next one. :)

John said...

you know, I've had the runner's high, and the writer's high - and they're quite the get emerged in whatever it is that you're doing, and then something happens to bring you back to reality -- only you realize that you have barely a memory of the past 6-8 miles, or you barely remember writing the last 2-3k words.

And, when you look back over your times, or through your words, you marvel at the consistency.

It's a good feeling. I'm glad you're feeling it :-)

Accidentally Me said...

Think how good it will feel when you are done!!!

Can you tell us anything about the novel?

soulbrush said...

A woman of many talents. Sounds wonderful. I am about to publish a book of poems and drawings so watch this space. Hugs xxx

web design ventura said...

I really love how you write. You got a lot of talents and you used them so well. I love writing too but I don't publish it. I just kept it here on my shelves. I am just glad knowing people using their talents. It's a gift!