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Monday, August 13, 2012

What Joe's new job has taught me

During the last 6+ weeks since Joe started his new job, I've learned a lot of things I didn't realize before.

1. We have very different working styles. He likes loud music with words. I like quiet music with no words, if I have any music at all because generally, I prefer it to be quiet.

2. He's gone a lot - except for when he isn't. Well, duh, Cate. But what I mean is that he does travel a lot for work. But when he isn't traveling, he works at home. So it's feast or famine. Either 24/7 Joe or 24/7 no Joe.

3. We can only plan about a week in advance, which I can't blame as much on him as I thought I could. During the week, we can't plan much because he could have to leave at any time to go see a client, though generally we know this week what will be happening next week. Approximately. So I can blame his work for not being able to make plans! Except, his company is really great about getting their consultants home on the weekends and not expecting them to work during that time. But guess who almost always works nights and weekends? Yeah, me... We've turned down plans as often lately because of my contract as we have his job.

Overall, it didn't take long for me to adapt to his frequent travels. For the first four weeks, he traveled two-four days at a time every week. The last two weeks, he's been at home. It's been kind of nice, but I'd be lying to say I'm not going to enjoy some time to myself while he travels again this week.


C. Beth said...

When you both have "nontraditional" jobs I can see how it would present some challenges. It sounds like you're adjusting really well though!

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

In some ways the best of both worlds?

restlessjo said...

Yup, it's all learning "how to", isn't it? I still find I yearn for silence and time alone, but if he's not there for too long I wish he was. Contrary lot, aren't we?

John said...

I can't do loud music with words when I'm working . . . I think far too much about the music, and it affects my work. Greatly.