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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Doctor's rounds, Part 1

Recently, I went to see my gynecologist.

That sound you heard was my two male readers running away... Seriously, I'm not going to share TMI. Though I did live-tweet my visit. Complete with a photo of "completely undressed" me in the exam room. See what you miss if you don't follow me on Twitter?

Anyways, my new primary care doctor, as I mentioned before, is trying to straighten out my migraines, which involves a new medicine that decreases the effectiveness of my birth control pills so I was discussing alternate baby-preventative methods with the gynecologist. After my appointment, I had the following conversation via text with Joe, aka my husband (that tidbit of information for the benefit of anyone who might be new here and think I might have this conversation with Joe, the guy who mows my lawn or Joe, the guy who does our taxes):
me: talked to the doc about the BCP situation
Joe: what did she say?
me: she agrees they won't work as well
Joe: and?
me: she recommends I get a DUI
Joe: wtf?
me: yeah, not sure how i feel about that
Joe: she really recommended that?
me: i know. i hate the idea. my sister had one, she was miserable
long pause
Joe: i'm sure
me: she gave me a pamphlet, they recommend them after you already have a kid usually
Joe: haha, i bet they do
me: there can be a lot of complications and discomfort
Joe: uh huh
me: ???
Joe: look at what you sent me
me: huh?
Joe: look back
me: dammit!!!!
Joe: that must be some dr you're seeing!
Spellcheck can seriously bite me. My doctor did NOT recommend that I be arrested for drunk driving. She recommended an IUD as an alternate method of birth control. Which I'm not sure about. Also not sure that the migraine meds are working at this point so I'm not rushing into a 5-yr implanted birth control solution when a temporary one will do just fine until we're more sure these meds are a long-term thing.

Also, to be clear, my sister had an IUD, not a DUI. She doesn't even drink. Not that any of you know my sister or that my sister reads this blog. But, you know, I still feel the need to clarify.

P.S. Want to know how to transition into twice a week posting? Write one really long post, realize it's really long, and then just make it a two-parter. You can consider that piece of amazing advice yours for free.


Melinda (Sew_Lin) said...

Use caution: the DUI, or more specifically the "I" can actually CAUSE pregnancy. Most common in the backseat of cars. Beware!

Accidentally Me said...

To take it even one step further, if the migraine meds make your birth control less effective, you could end up with children, which will dramatically increase the frequency and scope of your migraines. Which makes the medicine not very effective at all.

That corgi :) said...

LOL about the DUI; glad no one got that one after a visit to a doctor. Good luck in deciding what to do with options available for relief of migraines.


Josie Two Shoes said...

This had me laughing, I don't trust my phone to edit for me anymore for just that reason! My daughter had the five-yr implant for awhile and really liked it, nothing to remember, didn't have any problems with it. Hoping they find the right solution for you and those miserable migraines!

TMC said...

I had an IUD and had NO PROBLEMS with it whatsoever... up until it fell out. :O At which point I took it as a sign my marriage was over. : )

John said...

I'm just reminded of posts from ""

I'm thinking about the snip-snip to prevent future Batzers.

And I thought everyone mentioned their birth control methods with the guy who mows their lawn.

soulbrush said...

I had an IUD for years and years with no problems at all. What we women have to endure- it is just not fun or funny!!

rlavalette said...

LOL reads the same either way. LOL.