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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Six Word Saturday #405

still searching for peace after election

Sorry for the issues with Mr. Linky. I set up this post from my phone in the car and apparently Mr. Linky was carsick. Or something.

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restlessjo said...

I hope you find it! I couldn't find the linky, Cath? :)

Kathe W. said...

Now is the time to accept and go forward.
I cannot nor will I ever waste my time over
something that cannot be altered. Move on-
move forward. If one wants to get really
upset- let's look at all the morons who did NOT vote.
In my county in California only about 30% even
got off their ***** to vote.

Allison said...

If there's a positive from this election, maybe it's that a lot of people are now searching for peace not in government but from each other.

I couldn't find the linky either. :-) Here's my Six-Word-Saturday:

Kathe W. said...

yoo hoo...none of us can find the!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Debbie at Travel with Intent said...

It's all pretty scary, but we have to move forward and do our own bit to help the people and causes we can have an effect on. Time to remind ourselves of the great challenge of helping one person every day

BeckyB said...

Hoping from across the pond that your laws and constitution help check what is likely to be a challenging presidency.