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Cast & Crew

Names have been changed to protect the innocent. Names have also been changed to protect the guilty. At least until my attorney can sort things out.

I'll try to update these as new people (or critters) pop-up in my entries.


CallMeCate: that would be me - and since the whole blog is about me, you're not getting a bio besides what's already in my profile
Joe: aka "the husband" and most patient, brilliant, overworked man I know

Tonya: overweight fluffy diva-cat that spends most of her time sleeping on her back with her feet in the air unless she's begging for food or tormenting Rusty

Rusty: sweet striped shelter-kitty that eats sunshine and barfs rainbows when not snuggling and purring in my lap or being beat up by Tonya

Friends: (yes, I have a few)

4 comments: said...

Gotta love kitty cats! I have 4 :)

Two rights trying to make a left. said...

You have been nominated for an award. Follow the link and have fun.

Trudy Mintun said...

Hi there, I had been a follower for several years, and then I had to give up my internet for a while. I would like to come back to reading oyur blog, however, I get so many SPAM emails from your blog that I am very reluctant to do so. I do delete them, and if it were only 1 or 2 or even 10 I would not even mention it, but at last count today I had 53! Yes, that is 53 and not a typo. So. what can you do about this?

lacey edwards said...

Just came across your blog. Nice blog, I like it. I will post entries in May after A-Z challenge 2013 is over:-)